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A Fiscally Sponsored Organization by Fractured Atlas



Without our wonderful donors, none of this would be possible! This is how we afford to keep all performance opportunities free for those who would like to participate.
We hope to one day have enough to be able to pay our singers and staff!

2019-2020 Donations:
The Eggs ($5-19): Christina Russo. Katie Kelley. Kate Doucette. Nancy Gray.
Flowing Feathers ($20-49): Karen Paschke. Kristen Malisewski. Katherine Beckvold. Elijah McCormack. 

Rosśa Crean. Anangookwe Wolf*. Chris Lutman*.
Silver Swans ($50-75): Angela Scorese. Steven Murray. Cynthia Ganga*. Nick and Allison Gish. Bruce Fowler.
Golden Geese ($76-120): Julie Jackson*. Christine & Henry Beckvold. Rebecca Benitez.
40 Degree Goose(120-175): Aaren Marchi*

*monthly donors, yearly amount considered in listed title


Where does the money go?
Fiscal Sponsorship Membership Dues (Monthly 2019-present), Venue Rental (Dec 2019), Zoom Cost (monthly, Mar 2020-present), Opera Karaoke Yearly Membership (yearly March 2020-2021), Website Hosting Cost (2019, upcoming 2020 cost), Domain Cost (2019, upcoming 2020 cost), Large Custom Accompaniment Tracks (Magic Flute 2020), PPE (upcoming 2020), Hand Sanitizer (upcoming 2020)

What are we hoping to be able to provide in the future:
Artist Stipend Payments, Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression Artist/Staff Training, Microphones, Webcams, Green Screens, and more!

Please consider giving a gift to Spooky Goose Opera today. Your contribution will go a long way!

In 2017 New York City passed laws protecting Freelancer rights.

Freelancer's are protected by the law.

Spooky Goose Opera will facilitate fair practices with freelancers.
For insurance and other benefits, join the Freelancer's Union.

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