Spooky Goose Opera is a forward thinking inclusive opera company driven to change the nature of the modern opera company and open doors for more performances than typical. We strive to include those who are typically under represented - BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Asian Americans, Indigenous Peoples, larger singers, disabled singers, Neurodivergent singers, and other groups that aren't cast appropriate to their talent but are instead looked over for other reasons. We also strive to present works that aren't done very often, working outside of the standard rep, and to present new works in a safe environment. We strive to uphold all moral integrity and hold high values for our team. We are a trans-forward company, meaning that we will allow any gender to play any role.

When is our season?
Given that we just became a company in December of 2019 (a text group in November), we didn't have a season set in place yet. At the moment, it looks like our typical "season" will usually run from late May until September. We will continue to provide with the Migration Carolers and Masterclasses year round, and host concerts at will. Since this year we started early in March, we will be ending the season after July.

Mission Statement: Allowing the full potential of humanity to shine through our art form, upholding the artistic integrity and morals of the company.

What inclusive means to us?

Inclusion means representing everyone in a non-oppressive and progressive light. It also means doing our best to step aside to equally represent those who typically aren't in the spotlight.

IE: We will not program Wagner and will stay away from other problematic composers, BIPOC/Trans singers will be given priority for learning experiences and casting, etc.

Being an Ally
Being an ally is a continuing learning journey. This goes for every opportunity to be an ally - including but not limited to race, disabilities, gender, sexuality, and neurodivergance. 

At Spooky Goose Opera, we represent people who may not typically interact with each other, and work to consistently educate and empower one another.

SGO will not tolerate any hate within the group and will not encourage those to cancel those who make small mistakes, own responsibility, apologize, and are willing to learn to not repeat them. Those who actively participate with a toxic attitude will be asked to leave the company. 

If you feel a fellow goose has said something problematic, you can also write to the Head Operational Team for intervention and we will discuss it with the offending person and move forward from there with appropriate action.

Company members are required to follow policies set by the company when it comes to work. We reserve the right to remove anyone for disobeying our policies. Members who feel the need to report someone must do so to the SGO Head Operational Team.

Individual actions from staff/singers outside of SGO, given they do not directly go against our policies, are solely those of the staff/singer and do not reflect on the company as a whole.

Discussing the "recruitment" mentality

Something that has come up amongst the founders is the need to establish a recruitment ideology when it comes to casting. Instead of limiting those by who can audition, we will be working to reach out directly to singers to work with us. This idea, coupled with our open door policy at the base, is an attempt to close the gap and create a more accessible casting environment. We are consistently listening to singers, watching how they respond while given direction, and paying attention for who would be interested to work with us. 

Open door policy

For our base level concerts (example: Quarantine Concert) and for some of our masterclasses, we post google forms to our Facebook Group and anyone can sign up as long as they follow the rules posted for the event (and given there's enough space to sing for the masterclass).

All of our events, unless otherwise noted, are recorded and can be viewed via our Youtube channel.


The Joshua Dennis Masterclass initiative is to provide those who may not be able to afford masterclasses or even complete formal training the ability to work with highly trained professional singers. These are done with our open door policy, given you sign up through the google form.

SGO is formed and operated solely volunteer at the moment. We take tax deductible donations to go towards sole operating costs for any of our concerts, masterclasses, or productions to ensure everyone can participate despite their income level. We work to provide as much as an accessible environment we can given our funds.


At Spooky Goose Opera we strive to be as accessible as we possibly can be. Our website was tested with the Voiceover function on Mac and seems to work with the program. We will continue to work to make sure all our information is accessible.

Since we are operating solely as a volunteer initiative at the moment, we cannot always guarantee captions will be 100% correct as they are auto-generated. We will do our best to provide information when asked, and make the shows as ADA accessible as possible.

All of our physical shows will be, to the best of our ability, hosted in ADA friendly spaces. Our first concert was ADA friendly, and we will continue to work to have the funds to book spaces that have elevators, ramps, and accommodating seating.

If you have any suggestions on how we can be more accessible for you, please send us an email and we will do what we can to accommodate! 

There will be no tolerance for those attempting to push their own agenda over the team in charge at Spooky Goose. We have set the company with good intentions with the ability for open communication, but the team withholds the right to remove anyone who is acting against the values of the company.


"It was a welcome experience to be able to create such a cohesive program for remote audiences, and was very professional and efficient on the part of Spooky Goose! It was a good experience! Aaren is easy to talk to and easy to contact. It was so great to be a part of something so innovative and do determined to perform art in this uncertain time." - Julie Jackson

"I like the mission statement and would definitely be interested in performing with Spooky Goose again in other contexts too." - Ivey Barr

"This is the kind of company I wish to see in the world!" - Andrea S.

"Loved getting to hear/sorta-collaborate-with people from all over the world!!" - Catherine L.

"We love what you are doing!!!" - Micha from the Social Distancing Festival 

"I loved the diversity of instruments featured!" - Anonymous Audience Member

If you would like to join SGO, send us an email.