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Spooky Goose Opera had several concerts planned for the Spring and Summer of our Season, and operas that would be put up in the Fall - all of which have been postponed at the moment.

However! With great difficulty comes great innovations! 

Spooky Goose Opera Founders have pledged to make art accessible and inclusive.

Founder Aaren Marchi sparked the discussion, starting with the budding idea for the fully remote concert "The Quarantine Concert Series" and from there ideas have been coming into play left and right.

While gigs and concerts have been cancelled, we want to take this opportunity to keep the music going! 

Please consider making a financial contribution to help us on our path to be able to pay our performers.

We are hoping to raise $10,000 so we can create stipends for our performers and staff who work tirelessly to make these events come to life! All donations are tax deductible!



made by one of our Regional Directors Anangookwe Wolf

Please reach out if you are in need of one. They are free and we will try and cover shipping to the best of our ability.

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The idea for a fully remote quarantine concert came about from Founder Aaren Marchi, who is currently in isolation in their home. They put the idea out to the group and the response was phenomenal! The concert has turned into a concert series. 

General Director Bruce Fowler lead the inaugural series, singing in one of the concerts, and joined several colleagues, including Juilliard students and alumni, singers who have sung at Houston Grand Opera, Fort Worth Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Arizona Opera, Minnesota Opera, LA Opera, The Metropolitan Opera, La Scalla, and more!

Spooky Goose Opera values the development of young professional artists and enjoy giving them the opportunity to perform with more seasoned performers.

We do not audition the Quarantine Concerts.

The concerts are free to the public, are kid friendly, and are completely remote for all participants and audience members!

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Original Music Composed by Dr. Tyler Hughes
Original and Adapted Text by Aaren Marchi

Award winning composer, Dr. Tyler Hughes, writes a hauntingly beautiful score that will be presented over the internet.

Aaren Marchi, writer and director of the Festival Off-Off Broadway Show, Gravy, and other works including Improvised Love and Unboxing, creates both new text and adapts the original text to bring this story to a modern audience.

Joshua Jorgensen, writer of Gov.Love produced at Collin College, will be joining Aaren Marchi in crafting the libretto! The two of them will be responsible for the text of the episodes.

If you would like to sponsor the completion of this project, please reach out to us.