*we had a minor technical issue with zoom, the green outline does not move with those who are singing/speaking. please see below for those who were singing live

8/28/2020 Opening Night Cast:
Michael Celentano as Tamino (live spoken and sung)

Ariel Andrew as Pamina (live spoken and sung)

Alex Adams-Leytes as Papageno (live spoken and sung)

Shelley Burton as Papagena (live spoken and sung)

Paul Greene-Dennis as Sarastro (live spoken and sung)
Powell Brumm as Speaker (live spoken and sung)

Ramon Gabriel S. Tenefrancia  as Monostatos (live spoken and sung)

Katie Beckvold as The Queen of the Night (live spoken and sung)

Rebecca Benitez as 1st Lady (live spoken and sung)

Julie Froehlich as 2nd Lady (live spoken)

Kirstin Roble as 3rd Lady (live spoken)

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