The Migration Carolers is a budding idea that I'm creating. As someone who has been in a youth LGBTQ+ shelter (I suppose I'm a success story from Ali Forney Center), and has also had to go to a domestic violence crisis shelter to get out of bad relationship, I'm really trying to create the kind of outreach that is much appreciated in those situations.

Carolers meaning singing songs - not necessarily just christmas. Migration, we move around, not stagnant.

The main idea is to really provide community outreach - not just sympathetic outreach. The thing is - a lot of people are really having a rough time even if it may not seem like it. And you have to come at these things very genuinely. It is not just a "giving back to the community" thing - it's a human thing. A connection thing. A really understanding and being willing to just be there for someone-thing.

If we go to the shelters, we will bring some products they can use. These items are usually underwear, socks, feminine products (of larger sizes, I cannot tell you how often panty liners were the only size available), undershirts, etc. We will make sure we bring what they are lacking or needing. We will also reach out about what their clientele would like.
If we go to retirement homes, we give our time to talk to the residents, maybe watch a movie or play some chess. We don't just sing, eat some soft serve, and leave, you know? If we go to Hospitals, same kind of thing. Really spend some time in there.
Of course, take care of yourself if you're prone to get illnesses (or if you're are sick) and make sure you also don't spread anything to those with weakened immune systems. We will have to take special care on those on a case by case basis.

The Migration Carolers will ALWAYS be a volunteer effort. I don't think we would have the same impact if it was a paid endeavor.

Any physical donations are tax deductible. We have the forms to submit to fractured atlas if you decide to do it that way. Monetary is tax deductible when you do it online or send a check to fractured atlas with our organization in the memo line.

Anyways ^.^ I hope to continue to build this into a year long (and many years to come) project that truly fits in a lovely pocket of the world.