Live Audition Guidelines

  • Live Audition is specifically to check technical abilities, internet connection, and see how comfortable you are with the team that will be running the show.

  • This will be in Zoom. Invitation will be sent via email. If you do not receive it, please message Aaren on facebook - or send them an email at

  • You should have your tech ready to go as much as you can. General resource guides on tech will be posted below. We will work with you and what you have available - please come and be ready to test things ^.^

  • You will be using the backing tracks from Messiah Tracks. We can talk about minor changes during callback (especially Comfort Ye)

  • Since all soloists have to participate in the chorus as well, it will be expected that you have submitted at LEAST 3 of your chorus parts by the live audition to be considered for a solo (please let Aaren know if you are having trouble with this)

Solo Call Back List

David Rivera Bozón

Hugo Vera

Gray Leiper

Matteo Adams

Avanti Dey

Kirstin Roble

Joshua Chavira

Manya Gaver

Nathan Halbur

Iris Prcic

Angela Scorese

Angela Yam

Lisbelkis Santana

Katherine Beckvold

Krishna Alexandra

Melina Jahris

Victoria Browers

Thank you to all who auditioned!!!

Quick FAQ

  • The solos will be sung live each night of the concert. 

  • Depending on the number of preliminary auditions, we will decide if it's 1 person per solo/night or 1 person per part/night

  • Soloists will need to have a way to play their track and a must have a device that can handle their voice. This can be done with an iphone/ipad/cellphone or laptop/mic combo. Our team is willing to help, but please note that if you need extra help you must contact us at least 72 hours ahead of the live audition.

  • You must have internet that can handle performing live. This is one of the only things that may cause issues with a live performer that is out of our hands.